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Based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Frank The Tank is an digital type foundry established in 2017 by Frank Hemmekam. A graphic and type designer currently studying at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.


All transactions on this website go through PayPal and are charged in Euros. After completing a transaction, the account holder will receive an e-mail containing a .ZIP file including all your licensed fonts. The fonts come as a Desktop license for 2 end-users and will be delivered as OpenType format working on both Mac and PC. The user license is for one company only. It can not include, or be passed to another company. Each company requires its own user licence (1–2 users). By Installing the software, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of our license agreements.


Specter is a extreme display typeface based on the work by Jan van Krimpen. The project began with the idea to create a serif typeface for small sizes. With this idea in mind, I started a study on the work of Jan van Krimpen. This took me to the Meermanno museum, researching original drawings of the Romulus. During some interpre-tations sketches, the sharp serif’s came out. It ended up as Specter, instead of small sizes the final form should be used for display. Specter is available for licensing. Thanks to Peter Verheul and the Meermanno museum.

Kentekenplaat 2000

Kentekenplaat 2000 is an accurate interpretation of the official Dutch license plate font. The design is based on specimen prints documented in the "Kentekenreglement" of the Dutch government. Both the design and the spacing are accurate to the “Regeling eisen goedkeuring kentekenplaten 2000”. This design was made for a Letterstudio Research at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.

Fonts in use

Albert Heijn (NL), ARRI group (DE), British Airways (UK), CBS (US), Colette (FR), Dormer Pramet (SE), Fiat (UK), GQ Magazine (MX), KNVB - Nike (NL), Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (NL), Nickelodeon (US), Office shoes (UK), Pinkpop (NL), Redbull (NL), Transavia (NL), Urban Outfitters (UK), VICE (US).


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